Schloss Frohnburg: venue and student residence

Renting the palace:

The historic concert hall and the adjoining rooms are used by the Mozarteum University for performances and can also be rented.

Schloss Frohnburg is an ideal location for concerts, banquets, festive ceremonies, company functions, seminars and much more.  The concert hall has seats for 80-85 persons; the adjoining conference hall seats about 60 persons.



Student Residence

Schloss Frohnburg Student Residence offers:

  • an international, artistic atmosphere
  • a quiet situation in a large historic park with an open-air theatre
  • proximity to the city centre: a ten-minute bus ride on public transport
  • modern single and twin-bedded rooms equipped with Internet and cable television
  • unlimited time for practising in the Music House with 10 practice rooms and 8 grand pianos
  • a communal kitchen with modern equipment
  • a historic concert hall

Further Information: Verein der Freunde der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg