Teacher and Staff Mobility

Erasmus+ Teacher Mobility (mobility for teaching purposes)

The Erasmus+ programme also offers teachers the possibility of spending a period for teaching in the form of a master-class or a seminar at a partner university. The teachers can also engage in discussion on their subjects with colleagues from abroad. This gives them the chance to take part in further training for their profession and for their personal development. Further aims are to strengthen relations between the partner institutions and to encourage future cooperation projects. Through this campaign in the Erasmus+ programme, students who are not mobile also have the chance to benefit from the expertise of teachers from other European universities and acquire international and intercultural competence.

Duration: about two to five days (with at least eight hours of teaching)

Expenditure that can be subsidised: travel, accommodation, per diem according to the tariffs for business trips abroad

Please remember to apply for your project in due time in the Office for International Relations. The head of the artistic department has to approve the project as well.

Further information and the application documents are available from the International Relations Office.

Necessary documents for outgoing teachers:
  • Written permission by the departmental head
  • Application to undertake a business trip (can be applied for in the Atoss online system)
  • Grant agreement
  • Mobility agreement (content and duration of the mobility are determined here)
  • Form: Dienstreiserechnung
  • Original invoices (hotel accommodation, travel expenses etc.)
  • Confirmation of Stay
  • EU Survey (to be completed online)
In addition to EU-funding the periods of teaching abroad by the exchange teachers will be co-financed by the International Relations Office.

Erasmus+ Staff Training, Mobility for training purposes

For the general personnel at the university there is also the possibility of engaging in exchange with colleagues at a partner university or to attend a further training course/seminar. For this you receive subsidies for travel and accommodation expenses from the Erasmus+ programme. The training period must last at least two days. Colleagues who are interested should apply to the office of International Relations so as to gain further information about the possibilities offered.

Teacher mobility in the context of bilateral agreements

Teachers can also exchange with colleagues in the same or related subjects at a partner university outside Europe. In principle it is possible to carry out joint cooperation projects with most of the partner institutions as long as the project was approved by the relevant departmental head as well as by the Deputy Chancellor for Art. Exchange projects are treated favourably in which student participation is made possible. Further information on the prerequisites and funding possibilities are available from the International Relations Office. The travel expenses are usually covered by the sending institution, and the accommodation expenses are covered by the receiving institution.