The history of the Mozarteum International Summer Academy

Lilli Lehmann founded the Mozarteum International Summer Academy in 1916. At the beginning only private voice lessons were offered within the premises of the Mozarteum. In 1925 Willy Schweyda gave the first violin class. Classes in piano, composition, conducting and opera were added in 1929 thanks to the sponsorship of American Julian Freedman. Between 1930–1937 the “Academy” was known as “Musical Summer Courses”, from 1937 to 1940 as “The Mozarteum Summer Academy” for Music, Theatre and Dance, and between 1940 to 1944 as “Summer Academy for Foreigners at the Mozarteum”. After 1945 Bernhard Paumgartner reorganized the classes, and since 1947 it bears the name “Mozarteum International Summer Academy”. Former directors have been Bernhard Paumgartner, Eberhard Preussner, Heinz Scholz, Robert Wagner, Paul Schilhawsky, Rolf Liebermann and Peter Lang, Paul Roczek, Alexander Mullenbach, Reinhart von Gutzeit, Siegfried Mauser and Wolfgang Holzmair. Since 2019 the Mozarteum International Summer Academy is directed by Hannfried Lucke.

Throughout the years, the Summer Academy has steadily expanded its rich artistic offerings.

Centenary of the International Summer Academy Mozarteum Salzburg - Brochure Anniversary Exhibition