Open Access Publication -

The repository of the Mozarteum University Salzburg

The Repository offers the scientists and artists of the Mozarteum University Salzburg a digital showcase for their publications.
With the signing of the Berlin Declaration, the adoption of its own Open Access Policy, and the established Open Access Publication Fund, the Mozarteum University Salzburg expresses its support for open access publishing.
The Mozarteum University Salzburg recommends that its members secure the rights of exploitation, reproduction, and the right for online provision in the repository in their contracts with the publishers (see contract amendment and second publication).
Some publishers generally allow the free release of publications in the institute's own repository after a certain embargo period. If you have any relevant information, we would appreciate it if you would notify us so that we may take care of further steps.

Upload Forms

The submission to publish publications in the repository is done using the following forms: Please make sure that you comply with the rights and upload the work in PDF/A format. Instructions for conversion to PDF/A can be found here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Open Access Team of the library.

Legal notice

The uploading and making available of documents on the publication server are copyright-relevant usage actions in accordance with §§ 15, 18a UrhG (Copyright Law).
Unless you are the sole holder of rights, you may upload the work to the platform only with the explicit written consent of other rights owners (in particular: co-authors, publishers, third-party funding agencies). Particularly, no publisher or other third party may be granted exclusive exploitation rights to the work.
By uploading, you confirm that you have clarified the copyright permissibility of the work and each of its components (e.g.: illustrations) and are entitled to do so. You further confirm that no rights of third parties are violated and that you fully indemnify the Mozarteum University Salzburg in this regard.

Necessary steps for uploading the publication

  • Convert the publication into a PDF/A format compliant with the archiving standards. (Instructions)
  • Select form.
  • Fill in personal details and your publication.
  • Take note of the privacy policy.
  • Set the license. This will determine the extent to which your scientific work can be accessed.
  • Confirm the declaration of consent. In it you grant the Mozarteum University Library the non-exclusive right to publish and archive your work according to the specified criteria. In addition, you confirm that you, as the author, have complied with the copyright regulations and conditions.

No automatic release

There is no automatic release of the uploaded publication. Thus, the document is only visible on the Internet after approval by the Mozarteum University Library and can be used for scientific and private purposes in compliance with the legal framework.
In the case of a secondary publication, the document will only be published in the repository after expiry of any blocking periods. The work should nevertheless be transmitted immediately by the publisher.

Permanent identifier and archiving

To ensure citation, the works receive a permanent link address. The documents are archived in accordance with the latest technological standards and converted, if necessary, to ensure readability. The metadata is forwarded to other relevant repositories and search services.